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Alexandre Vingtier

Just few questions on this nice exercize :

1. where those trading prices calculated on regional basis and weighted by regional allocation ? (because I simply guess that the price differs from France to China, not only because of the change rate)

3. dividing by 1.5 for negociants' and merchants' margin seems at first sight quite low, how do you get this ? most probably the figure that will diminish the value very quickly if it were 2 or 3...

and of course some missing information is the stock of all vintages and I would somehow retune it by weighting each year with critics' score to have a tool for coming years as well, no ?


Thanks Steve. We did consider it, but we couldn't find enough historical data and transaction prices to create a reliable multiple.

Steve Webb

Still no Sauternes included! I guess I'll just have to calculate all the Sauternes and Barsac figures myself!


Hi Anais

We included the average price and production of the whites in the first wine calculations of both estates.

Anais Moraud

One question. Did you include the whites from Smith Haut Lafitte and Dom de Chevalier in your valuations or is this just for the reds?

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