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Gregory Adressepro

Tim Atkin was quoted to have said, “Is this just Lafite mania, well attested in Asia, or is it proof of what economists calls 'the greater fool theory' (however crazy the prices, there’s always someone out there stupid enough to pay them)?”

Henning Thoresen of Bordeaux Winebank, suppliers of Bordeaux wines for Sotheby’s New York auction 13 Nov 2010 and Hong Kong 23 Jan 2011 has said, “Wine collectors now want authentic wines with a guaranteed provenance. And it is when they are assured of the provenance that they are willing to place astronomical bids. Guaranteed provenance is what now redefines prices across the globe”.

In New York Sotheby’s and Bordeaux Winebank set 6 world wine records - all Bordeaux Winebank’s wines are certified “Five Star Provenance”. So maybe it’s “Guaranteed Provenance” at the source of these prices…

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