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Thanks for the feedback Donald. Which vintages did you have in mind? Our research showed returns for the Carruades 1989, 90, 95, 96 and 98 vintages come in just under the figure for Lafite 82 (although they are mightily impressive themselves). Holding on to your money for a year and a half and then buying the 2000 vintage may well have been the best strategy (providing a return of close to 900%). Although when you factor in the increased storage costs (you would need up to 13 cases of Carruades to equal one of Lafite) this is arguable.

Donald Howes

Shouldn't you guys really know the answer to this?

Clearly, Lafite has not been the best investment. Carruades has outperformed Lafite by a considerable margin over the same period. If you want to know more, contact Donald Howes at DAFT Investments.

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