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Hugo Rose

Having tasted the 2008s last month I am more convinced than ever of a need for some form of protocol over sample preparation. Some wines reeked of new oak, others did not, though the elevage in both is likely to be comparable. Ditto the use or non-use of malolactic-en-barrique, a technique whose principal value is to sex-up the samples. And this is not to consider the hypothetical prospect of unscrupulous producers providing unrepresentative blends. Tasters duly incorporate these differences into their notes without thought or comment. A positive note undoubtedly impacts on the demand for a wine, though the variance from the sample once in bottle may be significant. Buying on the basis of notes, themselves based on different sample strategies, is speculative at best. Investors are betting on opinions rather than on intrinsic merit. This is not a crime of course, but I think we can all see a better way. A degree of light regulation (where did I hear that before?) would give substantially more confidence to a sector that currently scares off potential entrants because it is so opaque.


I totally agree with this idea "A central registrar to record transfer of title".
This would greatly reduce the risks for many collectors and investors as well.


It's excellent idea but some reputable and independent platform must be established so as to make the suggestion works.

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